Koh Samui Cancer Care Charity Fun Run

Many people always ask us when the Samui Marathon 2013 will be. The answer is: we don’t know. It’s not even clear whether it will take place in 2013 or not.

However, on June 1st there will be a Cancer Care Charity Fun Run on Koh Samui Island, sponsored by the Four Seasons Hotel.

Koh Samui Cancer Run 2013 flyer

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The Run takes place on June 1st 2013 at the Nathon Pier, starting at 6 a.m.

The Benefits Of Obtaining Property on Ko Samui.

Relocating to the Far East is an amazing situation for anyone though even more so when you are planning to live in your ideal residence in Koh Samui. Koh Samui is a small island rich in culture and variety and that is why so many people from overseas have made it their place of residence. Koh Samui has a whole lot to offer you and in regards to Koh Samui real estate there is so much to choose from.

Even though Koh Samui has expanded and seen a great deal of change and progress you may still find some simple and inexpensive villas designed for those on a bit of a limited budget. Middle range Samui real estate property can be purchased in every corner of the island. In Samui’s tropical interior, still within close range of the ocean, there are numerous astonishingly cheap houses and homes. From the high-end market Koh Samui really comes into its own. Over the past decade luxury villas that could compete with those in the most luxurious regions have been developed in some of the islands most stunning locations. Whether you would like a Koh Samui villa rental, or would love to actually invest your perfect villa in Koh Samui, the incredible choice of real estate is one of the reasons why Samui has gradually increased in attractiveness as a retirement spot in addition to a vacation paradise.

The people of Koh Samui experience a really care-free way of life away from the hustle and bustle of present day life. However, its position and international flights have provided quick access to Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur as well as other domestic and global destinations. Koh Samui has an wealth of homegrown fruit and organic markets that enable you to obtain regional produce. The island has got no shortage of imported goods and specialized stores that permit you to experience meals from each corner of the globe.

The nearby islands provide you with intriguing and private beach locations and coves to discover by walking, by canoe or together with scuba equipment. Laid back afternoons are usually enjoyed around the island’s picture perfect beaches and for people who fancy something a bit more active the island features a world class Eighteen hole golf course, a tennis club, badminton courts, gymnasia with high tech machines, rock climbing and both jogging and rambling clubs. For people who like to enjoy a more peaceful approach to fitness this tropical isle has an wealth of health spas and clubs that include Pilates workouts, yoga exercises, fasting and relaxation programs.

Koh Samui has one government operated and four international privately owned hospitals. Additionally, it offers international and regional educational facilities. The quality of education and learning on Samui means it is an excellent location for young families with kids of school age to escape the developed world and appreciate a much more relaxed way of living.

Finally, the cuisine on this tropical isle involves anything from affordable eats from local stalls and modest local dining establishments to fine wine and dining in its numerous five star restaurants.

Some Great Benefits Of Obtaining Property on Koh Samui.

Moving to Thailand is an appealing opportunity for anybody but all the more so if you are looking to inhabit your dream home in Koh Samui. Koh Samui is a location rich in culture and variety which is the reason so many people from another country are making it their place of residence. Koh Samui has a whole lot to choose from and in regards to Koh Samui residences there is so much to choose from.

Despite the fact that Koh Samui has evolved and experienced plenty of change and advancement there are still some simple and cheap residences for those on a somewhat limited budget. Middle range Koh Samui villas can be found in almost every corner of the island. Throughout Samui’s rich interior, still within close range of the beach, you will discover incredibly affordable houses and residences. With regards to the higher end market Koh Samui truly comes into its own. In the past decade private villas that may compete with those in the most luxurious regions have been built in some of the islands most incredible locations. Whether or not you want a Ko Samui property rental, or would want to actually purchase your dream villa in Koh Samui, the sheer range of residences is one good reason why Samui has steadily increased in attractiveness as a retirement spot as well as a holiday paradise.

The citizenry of Koh Samui appreciate a very casual lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Nevertheless, its location and international flights have provided easy accessibility to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Phuket as well as other domestic and worldwide destinations. Koh Samui posseses an abundance of homegrown fruit and vegetable markets that enable you to obtain local supplies. The island has got no lack of foreign products and specialized suppliers that permit you to appreciate delicacies from each part of the globe.

The nearby islands provide you with intriguing and quiet beach locations and coves to explore on foot, by kayak or together with scuba diving equipment. Laid back days may be appreciated on the island’s picture perfect shorelines and those that desire something a bit more active the island has a top notch 18 hole golf course, badminton courts, a tennis club, gyms with modern equipment, rock climbing and both jogging and rambling groups. For people who like to take a much more leisurely approach to exercise this tropical isle offers an abundance of health spas and clubs that offer Pilates workouts, yoga exercises, fasting and relaxation programs.

Koh Samui features one national run and four international privately owned medical centers. It also offers international and local educational facilities. The standard of education on Samui means it is an excellent location for families with children of school age to get away from the developed world and enjoy a far more care-free approach to living.

Last but not least, eating on this tropical isle encompasses numerous cheap food from street vendors and small local dining establishments to fine wine and dining inside the many five star restaurants.

Why Koh Samui Spas Are Well known As Holiday Spots

Absolutely everyone deserves just a little opulence every so often, but this isn’t frequently possible in this day and age with the difficult times that we are currently in. Most of us have to settle with making use of their nearby spa. However, occasionally you ought to splash out a little bit. Fortunately, there are some more affordable options that may provide you with the perfect memories.

Thailand has turned out to be one of the hottest holiday destinations worldwide. The main reason is simply that it is so inexpensive. Aside from that it can be bright throughout the year plus the people tend to be welcoming. Another thing you can expect to discover are a massive choice of Thailand resorts.

If you’re not sure where you should start, then you certainly may wish to start your journey off with Koh Samui. Following food, the Thai people consider natural beauty to be the next most significant thing in life, so you will discover lots of lavish Koh Samui retreats in this particular bit of the globe. You could simply need to unwind or you might need a complete body massage. All things can be done here.

Even when you are not getting taken care of at one of the Koh Samui spas, you can find plenty of other excursions and enjoyable points of interest to keep you busy. You may sample examples of the fine food that Thailand is so renowned for. You could take yourself away to the evening stalls where you’ll be able to integrate with some of the local traditions. Thailand is sometimes known as the land of smiles and you should truly discover that while you travel around.

As the place is so reasonably priced, you will find a gorgeous place to stay in that will come with all your needs and much more. Most of the holiday villas include a pool, overlooking the ocean and this is illuminated through the evening. It is the perfect place to have sundowners. These might not be the bigger 5 star commercial resorts that you might get lost in. They’re typically smaller villas which are devoted to great service. This really is a holiday which denotes quality at its best.

It’s only one hours journey from Bangkok, making it a convenient stop over. The location where you are holidaying will collect you from the airport, making sure you’re getting the finest service straight from the beginning. When you’re looking for a place to stay, make certain you select a place which satisfies your needs.

Not everyone needs the best service. Some people might prefer their autonomy. Many others will need the main focus to be the spa. Some resorts do not have these situated in-house and so this is going to be a problem, causing a little inconvenience. You also need to know what you’re looking for in a spa. Some resorts will just focus on the essentials and others are famous for their varied services.

Not many folks come back from one of the Koh Samui spas with unfavorable stories. Nearly all folks will have only enjoyable memories to keep in mind and this is a place that a great many come back to that makes it unquestionably worth a visit.

If you enjoyed reading about Koh Samui retreats and have an interest in discovering more then please feel free to check out our site to get more info on a number of retreats throughout Koh Samui and the other parts of Thailand.

Samui Island Marathon 2012: September 23

The 3 million Baht Koh Samui Island Marathon 2012 will take place on September 23. More than 2,000 runners are expected to participate at the event which will be staged at Nathon Pier on Koh Samui.

Winners in different categories will get price money, and the overall winner will receive the Princess Cup, a trophy donated by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.


Last year around 1,800 runners participated, so this year the number will be a bit higher.

Here some video clips from last years marathon:

Koh Samui – Utilities Not Ready For Tourism Growth

Koh Samui keeps getting more and more popular, and there is no end in sight to the establishment of more luxury resorts and hotels.

And while this is great for working in the Koh Samui travel industry, it’s also a challenge for the government to keep up.

They need to develop a more environmental friendly and sustainable waste management system, and even things like water and electricity supply need to be improved. They are also investing in improving the roads on the island.

The proclaimed goal of government officials is to make it a “green island”, but there is a lot (a very lot) of work that needs to be done before this can be realized.

Here are some of the projects that are either already happening or will happen soon, according to this TTRWeekly article:

 The municipality is working on road repairs including installing a waste water system along a 17 km stretch of road. There are 52 km of roads on the island that need repair and the budget allocated for this task is Bt450 million. The first phase is due to completed by September next year. The last two phases of road improvements are pending a budget allocation.

• Water supply comes from two sources – lakes and transforming sea water to fresh water, but there is still a shortage. The municipality is now improving Chaweng Lake and installing a more efficient wastewater treatment at the lake to improve the quality of the water. Also, officials are proposing to buy land plots in front of Na Mueang Lake to build a reservoir.

• Electricity shortage should be solved once a new power plant station on Mae Nam Beach is ready to support the Taling Ngam Beach power plant. The project will cost around Bt3 billion including electricity cables from the mainland to supplement three other cables and the island’s power plant. The project is due to completed by the second quarter of next year.

“We have enough rainfall each year, but we don’t have enough reservoirs to store the water. Also the quality of the water needs to be improved,” he said.

Currently, there are two water supply facilities that turn seawater to fresh water on the island – one is owned by East Water Company and another by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. Samui has three lakes; Krachud Lake, Na Mueang Lake and Chaweng Lake. They are all used for water supply.

On the waste management front, Mr Ramnate recognised Samui has been in hot water over waste problems for many years. So the focus now is on the following:

• There is a plan to add waste water treatment plants in three areas; Mae Nam Beach, Hua Thanon and Bo Phut. However, the project will cost Bt1 billion and needs government approval and support;

• Garbage management will concentrate on the use of incinerators to burn garbage. There are plans to separate garbage that can be recycled. The aim is to make the island a green destination.


Samui Crocodile Farm – An Adventure among Crocodiles

Koh Samui is an exotic tropical island of Surat Thani Province, Thailand.This tourist paradise is the third largest island in Thailand, abundant with white sandy beaches, palm trees and stunning coral reefs that would take your breath away.Koh Samui is brimming with enticing beaches around the island most of which are secluded, where you can enjoy a day of relaxation. However, Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach are two places where you will find an array of hotels, pubs, and an exciting nightlife. With its crystal clear waters and fascinating coral reefs Koh Samui is a popular diving destination among touirists.You can hire a boat, and spend an entire day surrounded by sparkling blue water and enticing corals.

Samui Crocodile Farm is a special feature of the island, located close to Samui airport in an area of 7000sqm. Although this is mainly a sanctuary for crocodiles there is a mini zoo in the premises as well where you can experience a rare adventure with wildlife. Samui Crocodile Farm is the home to Siam crocodiles, Caimans, Saltwater crocodiles, snakes, lizards, monkeys and many others. You will be hypnotised by the daring acts of a brave employee who confronts and controls these fierce amphibians. There are two shows a day where adults as well as children are mesmerized by these dangerous creatures in a safe environment.

Being an island Koh Samui has a delightful range of sea food to offer. As the island is scattered with restaurants and pubs, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, be it sea food, Italian pizza or otherwise. You will have to conserve your energy for the night as well for Koh Samui has a vibrant nightlife with nightclubs to entertain the tourists all night long.

Being a popular destination for tourists Koh Samui is brimming with hotels, restaurants and spas. You will find perfect examples of excellent Thai hospitality at a . A that offers you breath taking views of the whispering ocean, along with luxurious relaxation is Anantara Lawana, Koh Samui. Taking care of your every need, the hotel offers you the chance to indulge in exciting activities including tennis, golf, kayaking, diving and snorkelling.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

Own a property in Koh Samui, Thailand

After Bangkok and Phuket the island city which is growing in prominence among globe trotters is vacation villas Koh Samui.The city is depiction of beauty and tranquillity with its vast sea. The tourist are mesmerised by the peaceful atmosphere and it is a paradise for them. The low cost and affordable vacation is making it a hot tourist spot and they enjoy revelling in its calm atmosphere. The increase in the number of tourist has increased the rate of Samui property and it is the most sought after place for acquiring a property in Thailand.

The Thai culture has always had deep impact on international community and this is the reason why foreigners are showing interest in purchasing a property in the city. Most of the population is from Europe and thus the lifestyle is also European and western. This is making it a very lucrative place and Thais and foreigners are not hesitant in investing in luxury villas Koh Samui.

Koh Samui is considered to be a fashionable place and any investment is termed as lifestyle investment. Though the city is still growing but it is a beautiful depiction of architecture and luxury. This is yet another factor in attracting huge investment in real estate. In fact if we will study the economy of the Samui, we can see that hospitality and real estate is the two economy booster for the city.

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