Chaba Samui

The Chaba Samui Resort isa popular resort on Koh Samuis Chaweng beach.

The rooms are clean and you have a lot of space, and the staff is friendly and professional.Especially Tony always wins the heart of his guests. If you have a question about Samui and need recommendations, the staff here can be very helpful.

Here’s an “uncensored” video of the Chaba Samui that gives you some good and realistic visual impressions of what it’s like in there:

They also have a great breakfast, with a wide choice of different foods, and if you are traveling with kids they will find plenty of stuff that they like to eat too.

The pool is clean and has a great swim up bar, but it’s rather small. On Sunday, it’s happy hour all day at the swim up bar (yai!). Also, there are lots of sunbeds around there, so nice to laze around and relax. And for kids, there is an (even tinier) childrens pool.

The beds are good, rather firm mattresses (not the soft ones where you sink deeply inside). Sometimes when you sleep in a hotel, there is that little depression in the center because so many people laid in there. I was happy not to experience this at the Chaba Samui.

The massage treatments that are on offer here are good and reasonably priced. Ask for “Som”, as she’s known for providing very good massage treatments.

They also offer sightseeing tours, and if you want to drive around a bit this can be a much better option than going on your own and hiring a taxi. (If you hire transportation on the island, it’s rather expensive). The resort has the “Chaba Bus” and they will bring you to different places of interest.

If you stay here and want to stock up your snack supplies, there is a small supermarket just a couple of minutes walking distance down the street. Also, there is a very popular place for crepes called “Ninja Crepes” that is in close distance, and if you like crepes, well, then lets say it’s very well worth the walk. There are also plenty of ATMs and all the other things you would want on an island vacation in close vicinity to the Chaba Samui.

Sometimes there is a mosquito problem and that can be a bit of a turn off because if you have a balcony, you have to keep the doors closed.

Lakeview Rooms: If you choose the Lakeview rooms, you don’t get a view of the ocean (well, no surprise here). But the bigger issue is: you have to cross the street in order to get to the pool and other facilities (including the breakfast room).

On the outside it could need a little makeover, and they could really change the rather old looking curtains, and some of the bathrooms could also use a little makeover from an appearance standpoint but other than that, it’s fine. (And: it’s clean everywhere).

If you come here for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.) let the Chaba Samui staff now in advance, and they will often come up with a nice little surprise for you to put a smile on your face.

Prices: depending upon season, current promotions and how you book, but in general it’s in the 4000 Baht range (around 100 Euro or 130 USD).

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