Chaweng Beach Koh Samui

The Chaweng beach on Koh Samui is the most popular beach of the island, and in fact one of the most popular beaches worldwide. It’s a beautiful beach with perfect white sand, crystal clear blue water and many fun things to do.

Sure, you will not feel like Robinson Crusoe on a lonely island here – it’s crowded and full of people. But there is a reason for that: it’s fun to be here. None of the other beaches can match the beauty of Chaweng beach. The nightlife is awesome, lots of cool hip clubs for party-people, beach bars, for kids there are many fun activities too during the daytime, there’s a go-kart track in the vicinity.

Do you love watersports? Chaweng has it all. The water has that perfect clear green-blue color, there are coral reefs that you can explore snorkeling, the ground is sandy, the waters friendly and safe. What’s more, most other beaches on Koh Samui have only very shallow water between October and April. That is pretty much the most important season, because most of the tourists come in December and January. But Chaweng beach has the perfect water for swimming all year around.

On the downside, the heavy touristic development takes it’s toll – prices  here are higher here than in any other part of the island. And it is started to feel a little bit cramped together, as land owners try to maximize their revenues per square meter on this valuable strip of land.

Thai people refer to this beach as Had Chaweng – and had is simply the Thai word for beach. It’s quiet a long beach too, around six kilometers long. However, most of the action happens along Central Chaweng beach, which is “only” two kilometers long. Even with the heavy development though, it’s still a beautiful beach, because palm trees and nicely done beach resorts essentially cover up whats behind (the road with all the restaurants, shops, internet cafes, guesthouses, bars, clubs and so on). So it really has the best of both worlds: you can enjoy a beautiful beach, and you are in comfortable walking distance to pretty much anything you want.

Chaweng beach Koh Samui is on the eastern side of the island, and a tiny little island called Koh Matlang (or Ko Matlang) is just a short swim away.

The best time to visit is between February and June. This is when weather conditions are perfect: no rain, no wind. From July onwards, there usually can be a lot of rain until October, and that’s when heavy winds can take some fun out of your island experience. However, even during September and October, the weather can be just fine, depending on how lucky you are. However, you should also know that in December and January, prices on the island are double or even more than they are during the rest of the year. Do not get upset about this – it’s a simple market mechanism of supply and demand, and if you don’t like it, simply come when the prices are lower.

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