Holidays to Koh Samui

Just one hours flight from Bangkok, off the east coast of Thailand lays this beautiful island. Not as lively as some of the other Thai resorts, Koh Samui is an ideal island for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

On holidays to Koh Samui the glorious beaches and clear waters are ideal for swimming and there are a lot of superb bars and local restaurants as well. Combine your beach holidays to Koh Samui with a stay in the bustling city of Bangkok or relax on another Thai beach.

The third-largest island in the Gulf of Thailand, Ko Samui dominates an idyllic 80-isle archipelago. On holidays to Koh Samui, although the irresistible tide of tourism has rolled in, the alluring expanses of soft white sand beaches still beckon.

On holidays to Koh Samui, inland, as far as the eye can see, graceful coconut palms take the sun like forests of slightly swaying green parasols. Coconuts fall from the sky here-mind your head!-and keep the economy ticking over. Ko Samui’s coconuts, according to experts, are Thailand’s best, and some two million of them are shipped to the mainland every month (Aside from food and drink, the bountiful palms provide thatch for roofing, fibre for rope or matting, and coconut oil for candles, soap and food products.)

You will see when on your holidays to Koh Samui when the islanders are not harvesting the coconuts, they’re busy cultivating rice in the paddies, out at sea fishing or-more likely nowadays-exploiting the tourist business.

Ko Samui was “discovered” belatedly because of its relative remoteness. It lies some 560 km (350 miles) south of Bangkok, and about 80 km (50 miles) east of the provincial capital of Surat Thani. It’s closer to Malaysia than to Bangkok. When they built the island’s airport, the distance from the metropolis suddenly became manageable and the curtain rose on the era of mainline tourism. Holidays to Koh Samui are becoming more and more popular with people returning year after year.

On your you will find that Thai food can be so spicy that it’s tempting to gulp a glass of cold water to put out the fire. Resist that urge! A few mouthfuls of plain boiled rice will prove much more effective. Actually, chilli peppers are only one of the ingredients that characterize Thai cuisine; the others are as varied and original as lemon grass, coconut milk, garlic, ginger and mint.

On your holidays to Koh Samui Island, cuisine is often built around the luscious local seafood. Some restaurants specialize in foreign cuisines – French, Italian, Spanish or all-purpose “international”. Street stalls are full of delicious surprises, as well as refreshing fruits, exotic and familiar.

On your holidays to Koh Samui why not travel out and about? Only 14 km (9 miles) north of Ko Samui, the island of Ko Pha Ngan has some perfect beaches and refreshing waterfalls. The principal port is Thong Sala, but many excursion boats go to the village of Hat Rin, on the southeast coast, which is notorious for its uninhibited party atmosphere. Also on your holidays to Koh Samui visit Ko Tao which is as yet an unspoiled island with spectacular coral reefs. It’s a two-hour trip from Ko Pha Ngan by express boat.

The most sensational sights are protected under the umbrella of the Ang Thong Marine National Park. These 40 islands, northwest of Ko Samui, have all the ingredients of tropical dreamscapes-crystal-clear seas, crescent beaches, coral reefs, rain forests, caves and limestone formations. Day trips from Ko Samui hit the high spots, or you might want to get off and stay forever.

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