How to find a Koh Samui Property

Koh Samui has become the second most popular vacation destination in Tailand. It is of the third largest island in Tailand and has a wealth of natural resources, white sand beaches, crystal clear water, coral reefs, and coconut trees. Most of the real estate brokers of Koh Samui property specialize in properties for the luxury lifestyle and Koh Samui Property Investments. These include luxury homes, villas and condominiums, luxury apartments, land, and luxury vacation rentals.

Koh Samui has its own international Airport with daily flights from mainland Thailand. There are also several ferries including a car ferry from Don Sak to a pier on the west side of the island south of the main town of Nathon. Since the explosion of tourism in Koh Samui building luxury resorts and bungalows on the island and investing in Koh Samui Property have become mainstays of the local economy. Tourism has replaced the export of coconut and rubber as the primary industry on the island.

There are over 260 bungalows and resort Koh Samui properties on the island and many wealthy businessmen and corporations from all over the world are interested in the purchase of Koh Samui property and land for the purpose of building ultra luxurious vacation homes and estates, as well as condos, villas, bungalows, and hotels.

Until the early 1970’s there were no roads on Koh Samui. Building of a luxury resort or hotel on a Koh Samui property will more often than not also require the building of a road to get to your property and to bring in construction equipment and supplies.

Finding a Koh Samui property is not difficult as there are a number of realtors, realty investment brokers, and property managers on the island who can help you find the land or residential property that you are looking for. Many of the realtors for Koh Samui property specialize in luxury properties, whether they are condos, apartments, villas, or luxury homes. Undeveloped land can also be purchased either from private owners who have had the land in their family for years, or from investors who purchased the land at the beginning of the real estate boom. You may use the internet or visit the island personally to look at properties if you are interested in the purchase of a Koh Samui property.

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