Koh Samui Accomodation

If you are looking for Koh Samui accomodation, you are lucky: there are so many guesthouses, hotels, resorts, bungalows and hostels to chose from, it just depends upon what style you like and how much money you want to spend.

This site is not a hotel booking site – instead, you will find advice and tips on how to chose the right accommodation on Koh Samui for your perfect holiday.

There are low-budget options for backpackers, as well as five-star hotels, luxury resorts and private villas, small boutique hotels and a lot more. All of the high-end accommodation on Samui island is modern, these hotels just got developed in recent times – just two decades ago, it was hard to find anything else other than small guesthouses and basic, cheap hotels in the area.

How Much?

The cheapest places you’ll find will be around 400 baht (approximately 12 USD or 10 Euro), and as far as upscale hotels and resorts are concerned, the sky is the limit. If you are willing to pay around 4000 baht (approximately 120 USD or 100 Euro), you can expect to live like a king in heaven.

Which Area To Stay In?

When you book Koh Samui accomodation, do not just look at the hotel, resort, bungalow or guesthouse itself, but also it’s location. Koh Samui is a very large island, and depending upon how you want to spend your holiday there, different areas will be more convenient for you.

If you want to mingle with the crowds, party and meet a lot of other travelers, then all the main tourist hubs on Samui will do. Chaweng beach is the most developed place, and also the most popular option for tourists to stay. The prices here are higher than elsewhere, but you have an awesome range of choices when it comes to nightlife and other amenities here, be it cozy little beer-bars or hip nightclubs.

But if you want to have a more serene holiday, enjoy more privacy and have a quieter holiday away from the “tourist hordes”, then the corners of the island are a much better choice, as they are less touristically developed and saturated. There are still many quiet spots on the island.

If you want luxury and a high-class atmosphere, Bophut bay might be a good choice. A cluster of resorts that are in convenient distance to each other along the beach, it’s a nice place to walk around at night, that has a more European feel to it than other places. Lots of upscale restaurants in the area.

For divers, the guesthouses, resorts and hotels directly by the sea are best of course.

If you’re on a honeymoon, you might want to book a private villa on the island – they are not the cheapest option, as you can probably imagine, but they can be quiet affordable and cheaper than an average hotel room in most European and American cities.

Book In Advance Or On Arrival?

It’s best to book in advance (ESPECIALLY if you plan to come during December/January) since good places in Koh Samui are often occupied all year round. The prices that you get online are also often cheaper than walk-in rates.

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