Koh Samui Airport Shuttle Bus

Here is a short video clip of the Koh Samui airport shuttle bus. That’s another nice thing about Samui island – it is so easy and convenient to get there. You can skip all the driving by bus, train, van and ferry – instead, just hop on an airplane and zap, you’re there already.

Of course – some people do like the traveling experience of being on the road and taking different means of transportation, and if you want you can get to Samui that way too. But if you are just looking for a convenient and comfortable way to get there, then the airport is it.

Flights go daily from Bangkok to Koh Samui airport, for example with Airasia or with Bangkok Air, and they are quite affordable. Sure, you pay a bit more than going by bus and boat, but you save a lot of time and energy too, and it will probably be worth your money if you are on a short-trip.

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