Koh Samui Attractions

If you’re wondering what to do in Koh Samui – don’t worry, there is something for everybody.

  • Beaches & Bays (of course)
    The most popular (and crowded) beach is Chaweng beach. If you look for a secluded island feel, you gotta visit the outer edges of Samui where very little development has taken place. But if you want party, action, activities, fun and lots of opportunities to mingle with travelers from all over the world, Chaweng beach is the place to be.
  • Waterfalls
    There are lots of waterfalls on the island, but the if you get to visit just one waterfall, then it shuold be the Na Mueang waterfall. It’s actually two waterfalls, the first one is about 18 meters high and the second one is about 80 meters high. Mueang is the Thai word for the color purple – because the stones at Na Mueang have a purple color.
  • Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)
    On the Eastern side of Samui Island, you find two Muay Thai stadiums where you can watch fights three times a week. There are also Muay Thai training camps if you want to go hardcore.
  • Climbing
    There are amazing climbing locations on Samui, and even if you just want to give it a try with a half day course, it’s totally possible. But be careful, it can be addictive 😉
  • Canopy Adventures
    If you’ve never done canopy, this is the time and place to do it. Ziplining through the jungle is a lot of fun, about half a kilometer of several lines, moving along the jungle high up in the trees as you’ve never experienced it before. Everyone can do this, and it’s very safe.
  • Trekking
    There’s plenty of forest and mountainous landscape available in Samui, and if you like trekking, you can spend many days doing just that.
  • Cycling
    Mountain bikers, there are awesome trails on Koh Samui for you, and you can rent good quality mountain bikes on the island. You can ride around the island road, or go inland and check out the adventure terrain. If you’re a real crack and know what you’re doing, then Wanorn Waterfall might be just the challenge you crave.
  • Motorscooter Tours
    If you want to rent a motorscooter on the island, lots of opportunities to do so.
  • Jet-Skiing
    Another fast and fun experience. If you’ve been on one of these machines ones, you want to get on them again and again. Feel the power underneath your body that is pushing you forward quickly – and very safe. (Click here for more)
  • Go-Kart
    The Go-Kart track is right next to the popular Chaweng beach where all the tourist action happens, and is easy to find.
  • Cinema
    There’s a Major Cineplex cinema on Samui. You can see the times & dates when they’ll show movies here, or call 077 427 299 from inside Thailand or +66 77 427 299 from outside Thailand.
  • Temples & Pagodas & Buddhas
    In Southeastern Samui, you find The Secret Buddha Garden. A local fruit farmer started to build these Buddha statues in the forest, very remote and it can be difficult to get there, but it is a place that has a very peaceful and special energy.
    In Northeastern Samui, you find the Big Buddha – a 15 meter high Buddha statue sitting in the open air.
  • Ladyboy Cabaret Show
  • Monkey Shows
  • Tattoos
  • Buffalo fighting
  • Elephant riding
  • Samui aquarium
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Crocodile Farm
  • Tiger Zoo
  • Snake farm
  • Traditional Fisherman Village (Hua Thanon)

I hope this quick overview of Koh Samui attractions made you interested in more. If you have any questions, please use the contact form to let us know and we’ll help you gladly in any way we can.

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