Koh Samui – Lamai Beach (A short video)

Here’s a little video on the coconut Island Koh Samui in Thailand – more precisely, about Lamai beach.

I showed this video to a friend, and here’s what she said:

It has always been my Dream to visit Such a Place. Un-fortunately where I live there are not many such places to see. Seeing this Video it looks like it is one of the best beaches in the world! The awesome view of the beach is just un-paralleled. The lights at night look so beautiful. It looks like a piece of heaven fall on the earth.

The blue part of the sea is just beautiful! The way the sun shines on that beach is just amazing! It looks so beautiful especially when some part of the sun is covered by clouds, I want to have such an Koh Samui travel holiday myself.

That scene is just amazing when those things like hot air balloons are released in the air at night. In my Opinion it is a must visit place for couples. After seeing this video visiting this place is in my wish list. This place is hard to miss!

I really recommend newly wed couples to visit this place and enjoy the time of their lives at the fullest!

This place will surely make room in your mind and i doubt that someone who has visited this place will forget this beautiful place any time soon!

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