Koh Samui Property Now On Sale

In Thai language, Koh means Island, hence it’s a repetition to say Koh Samui Island, rather say Koh Samui or Samui Island. An Island located in the Gulf of Thailand, a choice backpacker’s destination from around late 1970’s, a peaceful “paradise”. That is the right description to give Koh Samui. It has a history of having the first settlers arriving on the Island around 1500 years ago and was recognized on the maps of the Chinese Ming Dynasty, maps as old as 500 years. Anyone with a business interest in Bangkok will be glad to own a Koh Samui property. It is indeed a relaxing tourist destination. You will be amazed to find out that this is an Island that is surrounded by 60 other Islands, all inhabited.

You have a lot of choices to make with us, when it comes to acquiring a Koh Samui property. You can acquire a choice vacation home. Homes from where you can get a good view of the beach and enjoy your vacation. If is it your desire to own a land as your Koh Samui property on which you will develop a structure of your desire, you are welcome. You will get what you want at very reasonable prices and you are sure you are dealing with experienced professionals.

The fact that Koh Samui is a tourist destination will make it a business hub for business minded people. Businesses like property letting, restaurant and bar, are businesses that will come to the mind of such. Yes, we are able to meet that need, because presently we have such business for sale Koh Samui properties among our Koh Samui property stock. Included in the business for sale Koh Samui properties we currently have are.

A Happy Place Resort- a business for sale Koh Samui property that comprises of 5 bungalows whose sizes are ranging between 40-96 sqm. A swimming pool and a restaurant are all included in this choice Koh Samui property. This is an ideal Koh Samui property for anyone interested in getting an extra income through property letting;

Beachfront Bar And Restaurant- Located in Bang Rak on the Samui Island. It is surely a business for sale Koh Samui facility that that is well known and often visited by expatriates because it boasts of having an English style pub and it has a beach bar with fully equipped kitchens.

We have a variety of business for sale Koh Samui properties available. Just visit the website www.kosamuiproperty.com and feel our enquiry form. We assure you we will attend to your request in a short while.

Joseph Wright is a freelance writer, who writes for property and websites that includes topics like real estate, land, property etc. This write-up highlights some facts about business for sale Koh Samui. To have more information about Koh Samui Property, please visit: www.kosamuiproperty.com.

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