Koh Samui Thailand: Getting Around

Vivien Tan shows you how to get around the island of Koh Samui. Part of the show Inside Guide: Koh Samui.

I have seen in this video one lady tourist anchor is traveling in Koh Samui island of Bangkok. She is feeling and telling to viewers about regular routine of this island how peoples are using traveling resources to go from one place to another place and what problems have to face among other peoples during journey.

She firstly traveled in a normal four wheeler car and told viewers how she felt with this type of traveling with middle class peoples, I have noticed in this video whenever any passenger want to stop a normal four wheeler vehicle passenger have to press a ring which is available in this vehicle. secondly I have noticed she traveled in a air condition car which was a high class taxi and share her feeling how she is feeling in this car, and I noticed here peoples are living with half paints and majority of peoples are using two wheelers for regular use.

I have especially noticed a point in this place noticeboard is stand near Traffic singnals which is showing a sentence “Go with left side” its decreases the accident chances and also notice board shows a message “Wear Helmet” for safety it is best message for bikers.

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