Koh Samui Thailand Video

This video shows a gorgeous beach – Mae Nam Beach in Koh Samui, Thailand. The beach is only ten feet or so away from where the man with the camera and his friend, Nick, are sitting on the porch of their hut, happily discussing their luck in finding such a cheap ($5 each a night) and beautiful place to stay during their Koh Samui travel experience.

The man with the camera asks Nick what he thinks of the place and Nick remarks that he feels so euphoric that he’s not really thinking. He’s sitting on a deck chair with his feet kicked up on the railing of the small hut’s porch. As they talk, the camera pans to show a calm, brilliant blue sea, swaying palm trees, inviting hammocks strung up in nearby trees, creamy sand beaches and people strolling by.

There are several more huts visible along the beach. The huts are very small, but they look pleasantly rustic and comfortable. A few motorboats and locals with canoes move through the water nearby. Nick sips at a cold beer and tries to get a cute little brown and black dog, who seems to belong to the resort, to come to him. In the background, Dido’s song Thank You is playing.

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