Koh Samui Travel Video

Here’s a ten minute promotional video about Koh Samui.

You can see some of the beautiful beaches of Samui island, the rich marine life, the perfect blue clear waters, elephant riding, climbing on the cliffs.

There are also scenes from the waterfalls of Samui, and pictures of the traditional wooden long-tail boats of the locals who have lived for hundreds of years in harmony with the ocean and the island.

It’s a really well-done video, very professional. They also have a neat animation that shows the map of the world and then zooms down to Koh Samui island.

I wish I had those video editing skills 🙂

When you watch this video, I guarantee you want to book your stay on Koh Samui right away.

At around a minute or so you see a scene of a small crab on a serene beach with the lush green forrest in the background and the blue ocean in front. It’s beautiful – looks just like one of those postcards, except that it’s true.

We hope you enjoyed this clip 🙂

6 thoughts on “Koh Samui Travel Video”

  1. I just returned from Koh Samui and didn’t want to leave. It’s soooooooooooo beautiful there! I love the place so much. Wish I could live there forever.

  2. i just came back from koh samui 2 days ago and i seriously am thinking about moving there. I think it is possible to live there as a diving instructor – maybe not a lot of money, but living in paradise!

  3. What an awesome video! I was thinking about whether to go there or not in January, but and this has just confirmed it for me. Now I DEFINITELY want to go, so badly. I heard that there never is problem with those red or yellow protesters too, that’s only in Bangkok and Pattaya, so it should be safe

  4. Before walking through Chaweng, get a T-shirt with the inscription. “I do NOT need a suit”. People who went through Chaweng recently will get my point. This is the downside of when a place is so beautiful that a lot of tourists come. But apart from Chaweng, it’s still very cool, and even Chaweng is. Only sometimes you have to have your guard up when you walk down the main street, or you might end up with a 50 dollar suit haha

  5. Loves the place …back in April…gotta get one of those t-shirts though

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