Koh Samui Travel Wish

I would love to visit Thailand because I have heard it is absolutely beautiful and has breath taking scenery! The blue water as the boat created the waves and the picturesque white sandy beaches with the palm trees and mountains in the background was outstanding! The visitors on the boat seemed to enjoying themselves and their surroundings.

There seems to many private beaches that are untouched, which could be a day of new discoveries for the adventurous individuals! As the group is arriving at their destination they pass over a shallow reef area and you can see how clear and clean the water is! Once on the island you are surrounded in a paradise-like environment, it’s so peaceful, relaxing, the breeze is gentle and you hear the rustle of the trees – an awesome Koh Samui travel experience. The sand is white and the waves are soothing! I could see myself letting go of all the stress and really feel like I’m on vacation!

There seemed to be many amenities for people on the island such as tables and areas to get away from the rest of the visitors, which was nice! As the group started their return the beautifully green coves were visible with their high cliffs and and jagged rocks.

This was just an amazing video and I would take a trip there with my family at our earliest opportunity!

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