Koh Samui Villas: Panalee Resort

The video starts with the presenter introducing himself and then taking us along the shore of a beautiful beach located in the Island of Koh Samui in Thailand. The presenter informs that this is a promotional activity that he is doing for the Thailand Ministry of Education.

One can feel through the video, the chill breeze blowing across the sand laden beach and glorious sun shine.

The presenter takes us along the beautiful beach surrounded by many restaurants and beautiful palm trees. There are chairs located along the beach for one to relax along the beach.

He then moves away from the shore and leads us to a road. On the other end of the road one can see the entrance of Panalee Resort in Koh Samui.

One can hear the sound of a whizzing vehicle as he crosses the road. Once in the Panalee resort, one can see a bunch of palm trees lined on both sides of the walk way, as the presenter takes us into the resort.

He passes the restaurant of the resort, which is surrounded by lush green plants and trees. As he moves past the restaurant, he gives this astonishing information that the cost per day of staying in this resort is cheaper that the cost per day of staying in a cheapest hotel in Tokyo.

Now the camera focuses on the various beautiful cottages located in the resort.

Then we are taken to the beautiful swimming pool in the resort, during which the presenter informs that this island of Koh Samui is located in the southern part of Thailand.

I’ve still got lots of Tokyo videos to come, but this week & next I’m working on a project for the Thai Ministry of Education so thought you might like to have a look at where I’m staying in this mini review of the Panalee Resort Koh Samui. Doesn’t it look cool? But with the offers they’ve got on at the moment it’s actually cheaper to stay here than the cheapest business hotels in Tokyo, which is crazy really! If you come to stay here, tell them I sent you, you might get a free beer! Right I’m going to write some more songs then have a swim!

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