Luxurious accommodation in Koh Samui bungalows and villas

Koh Samui, which is located at a distance of about 700 kms from Bangkok, is one of the best tourist spot in Thailand. It is also the third largest island in the kingdom of Thailand, in terms of area. The irresistible natural beauty of Koh Samui has made the tourism industry take over from the coconut and fishing industries as the main source of income for the country. Today, thousands of tourists visit this beautiful island every year, with an idea of a memorable holiday.

Not only does Koh Samui give a chance to come close to the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, but also provides excellent accommodation in the form of Koh Samui bungalows, hotels and villas. Many of the Koh Samui bungalows, which are built according to the Thai architecture, are a wonderful staying option for the visitors, who wish to get close to the Thai customs and traditions. All the rooms in the Koh Samui bungalows are well maintained and designed with facilities like air conditioner, mini bars, and private bathrooms and terrace.

Apart from the bungalows, the Koh Samui villas are another staying option on the island. A large number of tourists, especially the Europeans prefer the Koh Samui villas over the other staying options in Koh Samui. The main reason being, that they are allowed to maintain a better privacy level at the villas in respect to the crowded hotels. Moreover, facilities like private gardens, swimming pools and beach side restaurants add glamour to one’s holiday.

So, in case you have decided to make a trip to Koh Samui, make sure that you have booked your Koh Samui villa or bungalow in advance. A large number of websites will give you all the necessary information that you might need.

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