Save the Samui Coconut Palms

Koh Samui is one of the most cocnut palmed islands of Thailand – around 6000 families on the island make their living from harvesting and selling coconuts, that are being exported to mainland Thailand and other countries.

And apart of that: they are a beautiful part of tropical living on the island.

That’s why the arrival of a new “palm killing beetle” on the island causes much trouble.

The beetles probably arrived when plants have been imported by hotel owners from Africa.

The big beetles lay their eggs in the unopened flowers of the palms and eat the palm leaves – which causes the palm tree to die. Then the beetles move on to other palms.

According to the office of agriculture on the island there used to be 2.2 million coconut palms in 2007 – now, more than 125000 have been destroyed.

Now the parasitoid Asecodes hispinarum Boucek is being used to combat the palm killing beetles, with some success.

When you come to Thailand – why not help to preserve this simple yet powerful coconut plant? For just 300 baht, you can participate in planting coconut palms and your donation covers maintenance costs even long after you’ve left the island. And – you’re name will be put up by the tree. So far around 250000 palms have been planted, and it is expected that they will bear fruits in around six or seven years.

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