Koh Samui – Utilities Not Ready For Tourism Growth

Koh Samui keeps getting more and more popular, and there is no end in sight to the establishment of more luxury resorts and hotels.

And while this is great for working in the Koh Samui travel industry, it’s also a challenge for the government to keep up.

They need to develop a more environmental friendly and sustainable waste management system, and even things like water and electricity supply need to be improved. They are also investing in improving the roads on the island.

The proclaimed goal of government officials is to make it a “green island”, but there is a lot (a very lot) of work that needs to be done before this can be realized.

Here are some of the projects that are either already happening or will happen soon, according to this TTRWeekly article:

 The municipality is working on road repairs including installing a waste water system along a 17 km stretch of road. There are 52 km of roads on the island that need repair and the budget allocated for this task is Bt450 million. The first phase is due to completed by September next year. The last two phases of road improvements are pending a budget allocation.

• Water supply comes from two sources – lakes and transforming sea water to fresh water, but there is still a shortage. The municipality is now improving Chaweng Lake and installing a more efficient wastewater treatment at the lake to improve the quality of the water. Also, officials are proposing to buy land plots in front of Na Mueang Lake to build a reservoir.

• Electricity shortage should be solved once a new power plant station on Mae Nam Beach is ready to support the Taling Ngam Beach power plant. The project will cost around Bt3 billion including electricity cables from the mainland to supplement three other cables and the island’s power plant. The project is due to completed by the second quarter of next year.

“We have enough rainfall each year, but we don’t have enough reservoirs to store the water. Also the quality of the water needs to be improved,” he said.

Currently, there are two water supply facilities that turn seawater to fresh water on the island – one is owned by East Water Company and another by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. Samui has three lakes; Krachud Lake, Na Mueang Lake and Chaweng Lake. They are all used for water supply.

On the waste management front, Mr Ramnate recognised Samui has been in hot water over waste problems for many years. So the focus now is on the following:

• There is a plan to add waste water treatment plants in three areas; Mae Nam Beach, Hua Thanon and Bo Phut. However, the project will cost Bt1 billion and needs government approval and support;

• Garbage management will concentrate on the use of incinerators to burn garbage. There are plans to separate garbage that can be recycled. The aim is to make the island a green destination.


Samui Beach Village Announces New General Manager for Their Samui Beach Village Luxury Villas

Koh Samui, Surat Thani – June 13th, 2011 – Samui Beach Village announces and welcomes Luke Salway as their new General Manager of Samui Beach Village Luxury Villas and Ocean Rooms. His wealth of knowledge about luxury villas, customer service and guest needs along with more than 8 years experience in similar roles at Rocky’s Resort and Silavadee in Koh Samui, making him the perfect addition to the team.

Luke will be integral in initiating improvements and streamlining overall operations – leading a new team in order to deliver Samui Beach Village’s promise of 5* service and amenities and their strive to not only meet, but exceed guest expectations on a luxury vacation.

They have welcomed new GM on board hoping that his appointment will add to the success of Samui beach resort (Samui Beach Village Resort) and Samui villa (Samui Beach Village Luxury Villas). They look forward to working with him in the future.

Meash and Jane Meakin, Directors of Samui Beach Village are enthused at Luke coming on board “We are more than delighted to have Luke join the Samui Beach Village team. His years of experience and high energy are the perfect fit and we feel he will deliver exciting new directions for the Village and exceed customer expectations.”

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If a luxury Samui villa is not quite right for you, then why not try one of their delightful Ocean Rooms!
Samui Beach Village Resort’s 1 or 2 bedroom Ocean Rooms are stunningly decorated with exquisite Thai finishes, giving you a true Thai experience blended with western comfort and quality. Each Ocean Room is equipped with modern conveniences such as a 21 inch flat screen TV, CD/DVD player, ipod docking system, hairdryer, refrigerator, coffee maker, kettle and last but not least, FREE high speed Wi Fi.
The Ocean Rooms sit on the edge of a vast stretch of ocean and sand where the views are spectacular, especially from the 5 shared swimming pools that sit directly in front overlooking the ocean.

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About The Company

Samui Beach Village and Samui Beach Village Resort are set on an unspoiled stretch of sandy beach amid a profusion of coconut palms close to the main tourist areas of Koh Samui, yet tucked away enough to afford you the privacy you seek on a luxury beachfront Koh Samui villa or Samui resort style holiday. If you need a hotel room or prefer a villa or resort, then you can contact Samui rentals. Each Koh Samui hotel has its own splendid and unique charm and features a balcony or decking area from which you can view the most stunning views of ocean.

Offering two types of accommodation Samui Beach Village Luxury, Koh Samui villas and Samui Beach Villa Resort with 1 & 2 bedroom Ocean Rooms, we are able to accommodate every holiday requirement.

Save the Samui Coconut Palms

Koh Samui is one of the most cocnut palmed islands of Thailand – around 6000 families on the island make their living from harvesting and selling coconuts, that are being exported to mainland Thailand and other countries.

And apart of that: they are a beautiful part of tropical living on the island.

That’s why the arrival of a new “palm killing beetle” on the island causes much trouble.

The beetles probably arrived when plants have been imported by hotel owners from Africa.

The big beetles lay their eggs in the unopened flowers of the palms and eat the palm leaves – which causes the palm tree to die. Then the beetles move on to other palms.

According to the office of agriculture on the island there used to be 2.2 million coconut palms in 2007 – now, more than 125000 have been destroyed.

Now the parasitoid Asecodes hispinarum Boucek is being used to combat the palm killing beetles, with some success.

When you come to Thailand – why not help to preserve this simple yet powerful coconut plant? For just 300 baht, you can participate in planting coconut palms and your donation covers maintenance costs even long after you’ve left the island. And – you’re name will be put up by the tree. So far around 250000 palms have been planted, and it is expected that they will bear fruits in around six or seven years.

Koh Samui – Big Cleaning Day

After the floodings in Koh Samui, it’s now back in business and everything is back to normal. That was the message that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Samui Municipality, the Samui Tourism Promotion Association, the Thai Hotel Association (South-East Chapter), Bangkok Airways and related agencies wanted to convey with the Big Cleaning Day.

Actually, it’s been back to normal since more than a month already, but apparently the news hasn’t reached the world yet.

There are several ways how Samui is being promoted now, you can read more about it here.

Lipa Noi Beach Koh Samui

ipa Noi, the region just south of Nathon, which stretches right down to Ban Taling Ngam, is perfect for lots who live here probably the most beautiful areas of Samui. It combines pure countryside having a wonderful coast land, with little when it comes to development. It is also stunningly quiet, and when you’ve arrived at Samui to flee the noise of a giant city, then Lipa Noi will make you happy using its relaxed lifestyle. The Thais who live here still practice a lot of their traditional occupations. You will still see fishing boats for sale heading out over the water, and also the family buffalo being taken for any gentle stroll by their owners since the sun sets. Within the hills behind Lipa Noi, undisturbed jungle reaches up to the highlands, and also the only sounds you’ll hear would be the splashing of 1 or another of Lipa Noi’s waterfalls.

You may be forgiven for convinced that, admirable though Lipa Noi may be, surely it’s lagging behind on infrastructure. Oddly this isn’t the situation, and also the roads listed here are undoubtedly the best about the island. Because of the slower pace of development here, fewer trucks take their toll about the highways and also the infrastructure isn’t under a lot threat. You may have little when it comes to snarl-ups, as there’s little traffic around to cause them.

A terrific way to explore el born area would be to stick to the number of roads which are found just a couple hundred metres back in the beach and which lead completely from near to Nathon Hospital and beat you to Le Royal Meridien hotel and beyond. Drive-thru a beachside temple and meander through a number of Samui’s finest (and least populated) coastal scenery, permitting stops in route, as there is a lot to determine. Lipa Noi and also the south have escaped the mass-development that characterizes Chaweng and also the new england. You may well think should you go to the west coast that you are not even on a single island, so different may be the feel into it. However, the businesses, other and all sorts of the amenities really are a short drive away; head south from Lipa Noi and Ban Taling Ngam, and incredibly soon you will discover yourself in Lamai. Amenities within the Lipa Noi area are available, and you’ll locate them between the best about the island. For 5-star drink and food, but at inexpensive price points, try 5 Islands restaurant, just in the future from Le Royal Meridien. There’s also privately run tennis courts as well as an angling resort, among the first in Thailand.

People who love Samui return to Lipa Noi again and again; they think it is unchanged; its pace of life has barely led to and it is beauty remains intact. It may safely be asserted it encapsulates everything is better about Samui, and also the reason it became a respected travel destination to begin with: gorgeous beaches and views, a relaxed life-style, and mile after mile of lush, abundant tropical greenery.

Johny is currently living on Samui Thailand and is working on a number of travel websites. If you are looking for a great [http://www.mysamuiholiday.com]Samui hotel then do visiting [http://www.mysamuiholiday.com]http://www.mysamuiholiday.com. Read more about Koh Samui in his [http://www.mysamuiholiday.com]Samui Guide.

Bodypainting Competition in Koh Samui Coming Up

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Koh Samui Municipality are staging the Samui International Body Painting Competition, March 26-27, 2011, on Koh Samui, Surat Thani province.

Bangkok, February 24, 2011 — Koh Samui, Thailand’s paradise island resort, aims to compete as a venue for top international body painting competitions, such as the International Body Painting Festival in Germany, World Body Painting Festival in Austria and the Canadian Body Painting Festival.

Samui Bodypainting Competition
Samui Bodypainting Competition Flyer

“For many years, body painting festivals have been held in big cities all over the world, mostly Europe,” says Mr Wiwatchai Bunyapak, TAT’s Executive Director for Events. “I believe that this kind of art is suited perfectly to Asia as well, and TAT wants to make Thailand the centre of body painting in Asia. We want to plant the idea that if you think of body painting in Asia, you think of Samui.”

The event is expected to attract both local and international tourists, and stimulate interest in Thai art. It will bring together artists and models from countries including Austria, Germany, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, the US and Thailand. Together they will create exquisite art on Koh Samui’s beaches under the theme ‘Preserve the Paradise.’

The audience can be a part of the event, as well. There will be nail painting, henna painting, doll painting, and painting on recycled goods. Participants can also be models or paint on themselves.

“Koh Samui is one of the most important tourism spots in the Gulf of Thailand,” says Mr Ramanet Jaikwang, the island’s mayor. “Tourists come for its fabulous beaches and paradise ambience, making it perfect for art events.

“We have made special preparations for security and transportation, and our hotels, spas, scenic attractions and places of cultural interest are already known world-wide,” he says.

The Samui International Body Painting Competition will be held on the weekend of March 26 and 27, from 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm in front of The Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort on Lamai Beach.

Entry is free.

International Public Relations Division
Tourism Authority of Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2250 5500 ext. 4545-48
Fax: +66 (0) 2253 7419
E-mail: prdiv3@tat.or.th
Web site: www.tatnews.org

Weekend Trip to Ko Samui Island, Thailand

Love tropical weather, beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, an awesome nightlife and great shopping? Well, then Koh Samui is the perfect place for you.

Thailand has some truly beautiful islands which are ideal for a soothing chilled out holiday a person can have.

The 3rd largest island is Koh Samui, the area of pristine pristine beaches, coconut trees, bikini-clad tourists, and jetskis. You may still find spots where tranquility are available and, some from the accommodation is incorporated in the mid to high range, there’s also still some cheap wooden bungalows within the quieter areas. Using its own airport terminal engineered to be along with the natural surroundings you are able to reach Samui within an hour or so should you fly from Bangkok, additionally , there is other routes available including Singapore and Phuket.

There aren’t any complaints from the visitors of Samui since it has plenty to provide including beach activities and aquatic sports to some fun time at night and classy bars and clubs. Probably the most visited areas are Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut and Maenam having a great selection of facilities and accommodation so you’re certain to find something regardless of the state of the finances.

As a result of big expat community and a large number of tourists arriving here each week all corners around the globe the choices in kinds of cuisine are extensive as well as your palate is going to be tempted by Italian, Swedish and Vietnamese to French and English.

If you are up for any little bit of pampering then Samui is really a destination where one can give yourself a break every single day to some haircut or manicure, a spa or massage. The remedies are affordable and plentiful, get one of these traditional Thai massage and treatment or oil and warm stone massage, detox treatments and colonic irrigation are for sale to those wanting a deep cleanse whilst meditation and relaxing techniques, Yoga, Reiki, and Tai Chi are wonderful when experienced outside within the warm tropical sunshine.

Family activities could be enjoyed as elephant trekking in the mountain, the elements is great for sailing or book a diving trip with PADI Diver Courses from complete beginner as much as instructor level. Experience a global course or kayak in Ang Thong National Marine Park and find out the magical caves and bizarre rock formations between the a large number of deserted beaches whilst watching out for whales, dolphins and monkeys living here.

Take a look at Chaweng as it is typically the most popular area with 6km of sandy beach and sparkling blue waters. The region comes complete with Koh Samui resorts and hotels, restaurants, spas, discotheques, bars and shopping opportunities. Lamai is a popular beach and swimming and aquatic sports could be enjoyed here. In the southern end consider the famous Grandfather and Grandmother rock formations called Hin Ta – Hin Yai, you need to see these phones realize why they appeal to more and more people.

Within the north is Maenam with soft sand and calm waters, ideal for families with young children since the water is shallow and it is much quieter, particularly through the night, compared to busier areas. Catch a speedboat in the pier here to Koh Tao. Also in this region is Bophut the industry small fisherman village but nonetheless comes with an ample quantity of restaurants and shops, in addition to cafes and beachfront bars for experiencing the beautiful sunset and distant view of Koh Phangan coming.

Big Buddha is yet another great place for swimming since it’s safe for kids and also you get unbelievable views from the 12 meter high golden Big Buddha and Koh Phangan. Restaurants, bars and shopping are available here and also the accommodation ranges from basic beach huts to tropical resorts. Catch a ship to Koh Phangan and also the monthly Full Moon Party in the pier and party till the morning.

This island is a great tourist destination and offers a variety of things to do and see. I visited the island in December 2010, and this video shows a few of things I did while I was on the island for a long weekend trip.

If you are in Bangkok, Ko Samui is just hour or so flight away. It is worth the trip.

3 Mid-Range Hotels on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui

In this post we want to introduce you to three mid range hotels at Lamai beach on Koh Samui island.

1. Long Island Resort

When you go here, be sure to check out the bathrooms first – some bathrooms are good, but some are not. Look at different ones and pick the best. The staff is friendly, but the one thing that is not nice about this place is the beach at low tide. So before you go there, check when the tide is, and be sure to avoid it then. Because at low tide, you can “walk on the water” here… or mud, to be more accurate.

However, there is a good swimming pool. And they have a small and beautiful pavilion where you can get massage treatments.

If you prefer a quiet place, then this is a good choice, because you’re away from the nosy area of Lamai beach. They also have a great bar and restaurant.

2. Spa Samui Resort

This is a good choice for health nuts. If you want to go fasting, then this is great. You can chose between hotel rooms and A-frames. And while I often think A-frames a really cool, in this case, I prefer the hotel rooms. The thing is, fasting won’t be easy – because they actually serve excellent food here.

3. Sea Sand Resort

This is the third mid-range hotel on Lamai beach. Well, actually it’s a resort too. If you come in December or January, it is highly advisable that you book in advance, otherwise there might be no more rooms available.

The staff here is really great, and if you choose the more expensive beachfront bungalows, you get great accomodation. Also, they have a bar and restaurant directly by the beach where you can always mingle with other people.