Koh Samui – Utilities Not Ready For Tourism Growth

Koh Samui keeps getting more and more popular, and there is no end in sight to the establishment of more luxury resorts and hotels.

And while this is great for working in the Koh Samui travel industry, it’s also a challenge for the government to keep up.

They need to develop a more environmental friendly and sustainable waste management system, and even things like water and electricity supply need to be improved. They are also investing in improving the roads on the island.

The proclaimed goal of government officials is to make it a “green island”, but there is a lot (a very lot) of work that needs to be done before this can be realized.

Here are some of the projects that are either already happening or will happen soon, according to this TTRWeekly article:

 The municipality is working on road repairs including installing a waste water system along a 17 km stretch of road. There are 52 km of roads on the island that need repair and the budget allocated for this task is Bt450 million. The first phase is due to completed by September next year. The last two phases of road improvements are pending a budget allocation.

• Water supply comes from two sources – lakes and transforming sea water to fresh water, but there is still a shortage. The municipality is now improving Chaweng Lake and installing a more efficient wastewater treatment at the lake to improve the quality of the water. Also, officials are proposing to buy land plots in front of Na Mueang Lake to build a reservoir.

• Electricity shortage should be solved once a new power plant station on Mae Nam Beach is ready to support the Taling Ngam Beach power plant. The project will cost around Bt3 billion including electricity cables from the mainland to supplement three other cables and the island’s power plant. The project is due to completed by the second quarter of next year.

“We have enough rainfall each year, but we don’t have enough reservoirs to store the water. Also the quality of the water needs to be improved,” he said.

Currently, there are two water supply facilities that turn seawater to fresh water on the island – one is owned by East Water Company and another by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. Samui has three lakes; Krachud Lake, Na Mueang Lake and Chaweng Lake. They are all used for water supply.

On the waste management front, Mr Ramnate recognised Samui has been in hot water over waste problems for many years. So the focus now is on the following:

• There is a plan to add waste water treatment plants in three areas; Mae Nam Beach, Hua Thanon and Bo Phut. However, the project will cost Bt1 billion and needs government approval and support;

• Garbage management will concentrate on the use of incinerators to burn garbage. There are plans to separate garbage that can be recycled. The aim is to make the island a green destination.


Thailand Property Awards 2010: Mandalay Villas Awarded In The Category Of Best Villa Development (Samui)

The Mandalay Samui Developments & Consultancy is pleased to announce that for the second consecutive year, Mandalay Villas was nominated for the Best Villa Development (Samui) Award, and after winning the prize last year, this year awarded “Highly Commended” at the Thailand Property Awards 2010. Mandalay Villas was in tight competition with Koh Samui’s most highly-branded and well-known properties which included the Conrad Koh Samui Residences, and The Residences at W Koh Samui.

The winners of the Thailand Property Awards 2010 were revealed at a glittering gala ceremony in the Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok. More than 500 guests encompassing leading developers and agents from throughout Thailand gathered for what is widely recognised at the Oscars of the industry. Now in their fifth year, more than 1,600 companies were nominated and 200 entries received. The awards assist in promoting the high level of quality of Thailand’s real estate, construction, architectural and interior design as well as industry professional services, and through a professionally run awards system helps put Thailand real estate on the world stage.

The Mandalay Samui Developments & Consultancy is a Koh Samui-based real estate development company formed in 2007 and focuses on full-service, luxury real estate developments, developing luxury residential projects throughout Koh Samui, and also provides turnkey solutions for property developments from inception through to implementation for diverse and handpicked projects.

The Mandalay Villas are ideally situated on the eastern side of Koh Samui, in the stunning unspoilt area of Choeng Mon, the home of the most beautiful beaches of the island. The villas are in a few minutes walking distance from these beaches, and offer spectacular panoramic views across the tranquil ocean. The development’s contemporary architecture is also reflected in the modern interiors of the Villas incorporating luxurious wet rooms to all designs. Open living areas and large windows are combined with terraces and balconies to provide buyers with flexible living spaces that benefit from extensive natural light, with some boasting fantastic views of the Gulf Of Siam and the surrounding islands.

Koh Samui – Heaven on Earth

Here is another Koh Samui travel video, I commented on it below.

This video depicts the natural beauty and extravagant accommodations of Thailand, in particular the island of Koh Samui Suratthani. Decorated by pristine swimming pools, glorious beaches, and dream getaway hotels, the island is the kind of place that most people in the world dream of seeing.

It’s easily one of the most wonderful getaways on earth. There are professional massage therapists and manicurists and pedicurists that will provide soothing relief to peace seekers who travel here on vacation. The local folks are happy to welcome newcomers and make sure that this vacation is the one that will top them all. Beach goers can by fresh fruit from passing merchants. People lounge and enjoy the native wildlife while staring out at a calming, worry-free ocean and let the breezes lull them to sleep in a beach chair.

Whether they bring a book to read, a pet, friends to chat with, or just a pillow, this is the island getaway that will finally put the mind and heart to rest. There is no sign of work, busyness, phone calls or email, only tranquility. There is no sense of rush. There’s very little to Koh Samui Suratthani that isn’t irresistible. It’s a little paradise on earth.

Koh Samui Travel Wish

I would love to visit Thailand because I have heard it is absolutely beautiful and has breath taking scenery! The blue water as the boat created the waves and the picturesque white sandy beaches with the palm trees and mountains in the background was outstanding! The visitors on the boat seemed to enjoying themselves and their surroundings.

There seems to many private beaches that are untouched, which could be a day of new discoveries for the adventurous individuals! As the group is arriving at their destination they pass over a shallow reef area and you can see how clear and clean the water is! Once on the island you are surrounded in a paradise-like environment, it’s so peaceful, relaxing, the breeze is gentle and you hear the rustle of the trees – an awesome Koh Samui travel experience. The sand is white and the waves are soothing! I could see myself letting go of all the stress and really feel like I’m on vacation!

There seemed to be many amenities for people on the island such as tables and areas to get away from the rest of the visitors, which was nice! As the group started their return the beautifully green coves were visible with their high cliffs and and jagged rocks.

This was just an amazing video and I would take a trip there with my family at our earliest opportunity!

Koh Samui – Lamai Beach (A short video)

Here’s a little video on the coconut Island Koh Samui in Thailand – more precisely, about Lamai beach.

I showed this video to a friend, and here’s what she said:

It has always been my Dream to visit Such a Place. Un-fortunately where I live there are not many such places to see. Seeing this Video it looks like it is one of the best beaches in the world! The awesome view of the beach is just un-paralleled. The lights at night look so beautiful. It looks like a piece of heaven fall on the earth.

The blue part of the sea is just beautiful! The way the sun shines on that beach is just amazing! It looks so beautiful especially when some part of the sun is covered by clouds, I want to have such an Koh Samui travel holiday myself.

That scene is just amazing when those things like hot air balloons are released in the air at night. In my Opinion it is a must visit place for couples. After seeing this video visiting this place is in my wish list. This place is hard to miss!

I really recommend newly wed couples to visit this place and enjoy the time of their lives at the fullest!

This place will surely make room in your mind and i doubt that someone who has visited this place will forget this beautiful place any time soon!

Koh Samui Travel Lifestyle

Here’s another nice Koh Samui video that will hit right on your emotional sweet spot. You know the saying that a single picture can say more than a thousand words. Well, a video consists of a thousand pictures, so I guess that makes a million words. And it’s true – reading or listening about Koh Samui simply can not do what these videos can do in terms of giving you an impression what it is like to be on the island.

Of course – actually being there is like another amplification of 1000%. It’s the difference between watching a cooking show and actually eating the food. There are all typical Koh Samui travel experiencesm and if you like what you see, you can have it!

You get to see the rocks, the waves, the friendly smiles, the joy of eating yummy food, the blue skies and the clear water, the rich, colorful marine life that surpasses anything the Disney or Pixar animists could create in their virtual reality worlds. There are shots of the surrounding island, taken from a hill in Samui – it’s an awesome beautiful view, specially at sunset.

And whatever you think of touristic development – it is fun to travel here, there are some of the most beautiful and tastefully resorts in the world, and the golf courses are fun too.

A artistic video featuring many of the hotspots of Koh Samui. Traveling around the Koh Samui ring road, the crew filmed locations in Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut, Bang Rak, Choengmon, and Maenam.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Koh Samui Travel Video

Here’s a ten minute promotional video about Koh Samui.

You can see some of the beautiful beaches of Samui island, the rich marine life, the perfect blue clear waters, elephant riding, climbing on the cliffs.

There are also scenes from the waterfalls of Samui, and pictures of the traditional wooden long-tail boats of the locals who have lived for hundreds of years in harmony with the ocean and the island.

It’s a really well-done video, very professional. They also have a neat animation that shows the map of the world and then zooms down to Koh Samui island.

I wish I had those video editing skills 🙂

When you watch this video, I guarantee you want to book your stay on Koh Samui right away.

At around a minute or so you see a scene of a small crab on a serene beach with the lush green forrest in the background and the blue ocean in front. It’s beautiful – looks just like one of those postcards, except that it’s true.

We hope you enjoyed this clip 🙂